ExpressGUIDE™: The Innovative Device and Concept for Immediate Surgical Guide Creation. Offers cost efficiency, minimized X-ray exposure, and enhanced accuracy. Perfect for real-time guide creation without optical scanners or 3D printers. Learn more in our quick tutorials below.



Introducing ExpressGUIDE™: An Innovative Device for Real-Time Surgical Guide Creation.


  1. Speed: Quickly transform Radiographic Guides or Dentures into Surgical Guides on the spot.
  2. Cost-effective: No need for optical scanners, 3D printers, or expensive software.
  3. Safer: Minimizes X-ray exposure with less extensive scanning requirements.
  4. Precision: Achieve greater accuracy compared to 3D printed guides.

For detailed instructions, see our easy-to-follow tutorials linked below.



The process of creating guides with ExpressGUIDE™ is divided into four sequential stages:

  1. Stage 1: Creation of a Radiographic Guide (RG)
  2. Stage 2: Virtual Planning
  3. Stage 3: Device Setup
  4. Stage 4: Conversion of the RG into a Surgical Guide (SG)

Each stage is meticulously detailed in the step-by-step PDF tutorial provided below. Steps are numbered (such as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.) to correspond with the sections in the accompanying video tutorial, also linked below. For the best understanding, we recommend reading the steps and simultaneously watching the video


Access PDF written-tutorial for Express-Guide→

Full video-tutorial for ExpressGUIDE™⬇️



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